GUEST BLOG: Rita’s Seattle Return 5K

Y’all! We’ve been a little quiet round these parts for the past few weeks! SORRY! Just lots happening! But, my sister Rita is still making runs happen – she and her pal Diana did a lil 5K on Rita’s trip last week to SEATTLE!!!!! And without further ado – here’s this blog!!!!


I’ve got a pretty big crush on Seattle, friends.  I lived out there for 4 years & fell in love with the mountains, Puget Sound and the pretty consistent 60 degree weather.  It was perfect for running & there were a handful of routes that I frequented – AlkiBeach, Downtown near the Olympic Sculpture Garden & Golden Gardens.  


On a recent visit, I stayed with my friend Diana who lives right between Fremont & Wallingford.  These neighborhoods, just north of downtown, are kind of perfect for a JustMe5K.  Funky landmarks – check.  Beautiful Seattle skyline views – you betcha.  Yummy breakfast options galore.  Here’s what we did:  


From Diana’s house, we made our way .25 miles up to Archie McPhee’s.  This place is part toy shop, part circus, all bonkers.  Make a note to return after your run to get your squirrel underpants, rubber chicken & Krampus holiday sweater.  On 45th, you’ll cruise past a bunch of Wallingford bars, shops & restaurants – including Dick’s Hamburgers.  This old-timey drivein is loved by Seattleites including Sir Mix A Lot, so it must be good.  Save it as an idea for lunch as you run by & cut down towards Gas Works Park.  


Gas Works is the gem of this route.  Once you get by the ugly remains of a Seattle Gas Light Company plant, you get a gorgeous view of the Seattle skyline.  Stop for pics, watch a sea plane come in or run up the crazy kite hill – it’s okay to turn off that dang Garmin & linger a bit here.  


Catch the Burke Gilman trail & swerve out the way of the aggressive Seattle bikers who think they own it.  You’re almost done as you come up to Stone Way & the Brooks HQ and flagship store.  There’s some inspiration & a water fountain here to push you up the Stone Way hill as you make your way back to Archie McPhee’s.  If you want to opt out of the hill like we did, there are several cafes (Solstica, MiiR & Etlana) where you can grab a breakfast sandwich & coffee to celebrate your 5K.  


Bonus points for seeing these things on your run: 

 Beer Patrol car
 Zombie-runner statue made of medals
 A naked bike – rider (if you’re running on the solstice!)

JM5K Song:  Somehow Diana & I tripped down memory lane & rediscovered Depeche Mode.  Avoid the annoying “Just Can’t Get Enough” & add “Enjoy the Silence” to your playlist.    

EDITOR’S NOTE: I love “Just Can’t Get Enough”! So that’s being added too! Humph!

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