Memorial Day in Cincinnati 5K

Hey team! Hello!

Wow! Memorial Day!

My sister Rita and I got up at the ass-crack of dawn on Saturday morning and drove down to Cincinnati. We needed to get a wiggle on because the Cincinnati forecast was all “welcome to the jungle – you’re gonna die here!”

we parked at our start/stop location – the Holtman Doughnut Shop on Vine St in the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood. This area is just north of downtown and is going through a real resurgence. Lots of cute shops and breweries and restos…. and so many fun murals! Here’s one!


This mural tells the tale of real life legend – HENRY HOLTGREWE! (<- this is a link!)

We ran up Vine to Liberty and then down Elm until we got to cute as fuck Washington Park, which is right across from the big music hall.

Rita took this picture – AND I LOVE IT!

We cut back over to Vine and ran all the way down to the river where we took a breather at the Roebling Bridge, which was also super charmballs!

Then you’re about 2 blocks away from the Reds ballpark and this lil statue of Charlie Hustle / Peter Rose.(i call him Peter because he deserves a lil GD RESPECT!)

And then we ran back up Main Street past the courthouse. Now this is where a guy at the bus stop called me a “bitch ass” among other things and was very clear he wanted me out of his sight…. Am I a bitch ass???? He didn’t have any comments for Rita, thankfully. Thankfully she’s not a bitch ass!

All right so we ended up back at Holtmans and grabbed a few doughnuts. I got the maple bacon and guess what – it was just ok. NOTHING SPECIAL!

(Oh! This was my bib and medal – my bib features graphic design hero and Cincinnati native Charley Harper’s iconic cardinal!).

Because I wasn’t in love with that doughnut, we walked over to the Taste of Belgium for a waffle which absolutely gets my vote for best bfast / post-race carbs in OTR.

All I’m saying is – you have options. And here’s one more – if neither of these curls your short hairs (ew gross….), grab an actual breakfast at the Coffee Emporium.

Ok – that’s really all I have to say about our Memorial Day OTR adventure.

Last thing – Rita and talked a lot about concerts on our drive home and agreed that one of our favorites was Dolly Parton at the Ohio state fair. So her add to our Spotify playlist is DP’s More Where That Came From. I’m a Jolene fan myself so I’m adding that one too!

(NOTE – the Dolly version of More Where That Came From isn’t on Spotify so you get the Lee Ann Womack version! SORRY!)



One last thing! Here’s what we found in a movie theater parking lot at the very end of our run! Hee hee hee!


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