Return to Cleveland 5K


Hi hi hi hi hi hi!

Drove up to Cleveland yesterday and had myself a lil 5k in the downtown areas! Rita made me a map! Here is is!

And she also made my fashion bib! And here’s that!

Haha! Remember Major League???? Did y’all have a big crush on Charlie Sheen as Wild Thing??? I sure did!

Wow wow wow!

So this run begins and ends at the Indians baseball stadium! You just run up 9th all the way to where it ends – and you see the Rock and Roll Museum on the way! 🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸

Then you run back the way you came and turn at the giant stamp.

And then a few blocks west and then south for a few until you get to Public Square which is where my mom worked at dang Higbee’s department store.

And then you run back to the baseball park. And super bonus – you can pop into the new Heinen’s grocery store which is in and old bank situation. Here’s the gorge ceiling.

And then get in the dang car and go get yourself an ice cream at Masons Creamery!

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