Phoenix Phive-K

Hi hi hi hi hi!

This is officially our SECOND Phoenix post! My sister was there about a months ago and lookie here – I’m up in this Phoenix business this week for a BUSINESS CONFERENCE!

You guys. This conference is at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge on the north parts of Phoenix. This dump is FAN-CEE! There were tennis courts and hot air balloops and jugs of cucumber water all over the dang place.

And have you heard? Phoenix is hot! Woof! Like – wow! If you’re gonna do a run, maybe go in the early morning hours when it’s a skooch cooler out. Or run in the heat like me (an idiot) but keep hydrated!

I just went running around the resort area so there just weren’t that many sights. Just so much cactus and the occasional quail. Listen. I tried so so so hard to get some quality quail photos but quails can sense photography devices from miles away and are like “quail feet, don’t fail me now” and then they run away.

This was as close to a quail as I got all trip. What a shitty photo!

Anyway. I tried to take some post-run photos but that was also a fail. I’m trying y’all! What is this face????

BUT! The best part was afterwards, I treated myself to a PRICKLY PEAR MARGARITA and a trip down the lazy river! Have y’all ever been on a lazy river??? It was my first ever dang time and wow – it was real fun!

So – another great 5K in the dang books. My Spotify song list add for this week is Thinking About Your Love from Turner, Skipworth. AND here’s a bonus! From Rita’s LA 5K – Bubble Toes from Jack Johnson! Toot toot!

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