Hi hi hi hi hi! Here’s another 5K blog from my sister Rita who was in Los Angeles a few weeks ago (sorry so delayed!). This is a lil shorty but still looks like a fun run. CHECK IT OUT!!!

I was traveling overseas with a super-long layover in LA.  Luckily I had my running shoes, sunny skies and an afternoon planned with my BFF from grade school, Julie.  With Venice Beach just 6 miles from the airport, it seemed like the perfect place to stretch my legs with a Just Me 5K.  

The route is super easy, with a path made for walkers, runners and bikers.  Once you get to Venice Beach, just head north to Santa Monica Pier.  The miles pass quickly with all of the distractions.  A skateboard park.  Smells of Coppertone & weed.  Photo ops, artists and sand castles.  I celebrated the end of my run at the Rose Cafe in Venice with their awesome breakfast sandwich.  The only thing that would’ve made the run better would be Julie at my side.  Clearly she’ll be ready for my next visit. (See pic!)  

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