Rachael’s CHICAGO 5K!

Y’all – my friend Rachael went to Chicago and is guest-blogging and here it is!  


Do I jog in cold weather in Ohio? I sure don’t.  Do I get up and jog in the Ohio mornings? Hard pass.  If you make me a personalized felt bib will I try anything? Yes, yes I will!

The doorman asked if there was a race and I told him ‘I guess so,’ 30 degrees and honestly a lot less people out than I imagined.  A few blocks from my hotel, I saw a small group of runners, then no one for miles except 1 man who ran with a selfie stick.

I eventually saw 2 older gentlemen on the lakeshore path and when I asked for a picture for my friend they asked my nationality…I said ‘oh, I just need a picture on my phone’ when they asked but WHERE do you come from I said ‘oh my friend Jack made me lovely bib’ when they pressed again I said ‘oh this picture is for Jack’ and this is the picture they took.

I tried to get a pic of the iconic Grant fountain, but she’s got seasonal depression disorder-which is a real thing anyone in the Midwest can attest to.  The Bean was excited to see me, of course.

Full disclosure—I celebrated with treats from the Doughnut Vault which was 4 blocks from my hotel….and Ubered back!

Playlist inspiration for a cold Chicago morning (editor’s note – this is quite a playlist!  I’m uploading just few of these gems to the Spotify playlist!):

  • Let’s all agree that Kanye is in a new chapter of his life but let’s remember he gave us Stronger, Gold Digger, Jesus Walks and Power…..moving on:
  • Roar-Katy Perry
  • Brave-Sara Bareilles (Cause I am)
  • Lost Queen (Cause I also am)
  • Eye of the Tiger (duh)
  • Heavy Love-Mali Music
  • Alive-Krewella (‘just the beat inside my soul’)
  • Fight Song- Rachel Platten (Take back your life song!)
  • Live Like You’re Loved-Hawk Nelson (It’s true-you’re loved, YOLO!)
  • Knock You Down-Keri Hilson
  • Power-Kanye (warning-this may cause you to dance waiting for the walk signal at intersections)
  • Pump It-Black Eyed Peas
  • All I Do Is Win-DJ Khaled (Literally, I am always winning at this life thing)
  • The Greatest-Sia
  • Start A Fire-Unspoken (Cause joy is good)
  • Worth It-Fifth Harmony (Yes I am!)
  • It’s Not Over Yet-King & Country (To everyone who’s hit their limit—it’s not over yet)
  • Jesus Walks-Kanye (Cause He does!)
  • Good As Hell-Lizzo
  • This Is Me-Keala Settle
  • I Like It-Cardi B
  • All Good-Hollyn
  • Come Down-Anderson Paak
  • Ready For It-Taylor Swift (I’m still mad at her shade to Katy but it’s a good song)
  • Feel it Still-Portugal The Man
  • What About Us-Pink
  • Scars To Your Beautiful-Alessia Cara (Cause we’re all beauties)
  • Cut To The Feeling-Carly Rae Jepsen (I DO NOT understand why everyone doesn’t love this?!)
  • How Far I’ll go-Alessia Cara
  • That’s What I Like-Bruno Mars
  • Moments Like This-the Afters

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