Mid-town Manhattan Whatever 5K

Y’all! Hello!

That’s me! In New York! At the new Vessel whatever in the Hudson Yards! In the middle of a just-me 5K!


I got me and jimmy tickets to a broadway show for Christmas and this weekend is the weekend! We’re seeing Hilary & Clinton tonight with John Lithgows and Lori Metcorn. Since I got the show and the airfare, jimmy got the hotel – and he picked a good one. It’s the West House in Midtown and our dang rook overlooks Carnegie Hall!

Remember that Ella Fitzgerald song “Mr Paganini”? that’s the only thing I know about Carnegie Hall. That’s a great song!!!

Ok. So we’re in midtown and I found out that Hudson yards is about 1.8 miles away so I’m like “great. I’ll run over, see the vessel and run back”. AND THATS WHAT I DID! Ps. Hudson Yards is basically a giant mall and high priced condos and the Bessel is this dumb tourist attraction to get idiot influencers and tourists to spend money on Sephora and Guy Fieri hot wings afterwards. (I’m guessing these things are in the mall). The only positive is that it’s right off The Highline, which I love.

Anyway! My lil treat today post-5K was a giant choco chip cookie from the Jacques Torres store on 57th. This cookie was billed as infamous and the best in New York. Those are lies! It’s a fine cookie, but I’m here to tell you – NOT SPECIAL! I love JT from the Nailed It show, and feel real real crestfallen that his cookie didn’t live up to the dang hype. TRY HARDER, JACQUES! ZERO STARS!

My 5K finisher medal is my Metro card and a bunch of junk I bought at the Cloisters today. The Cloisters is basically a medieval art museum at the top of manhattan and it so cute and the last unicorn tapestry is there and a bunch of other junk and so fun to visit and I really really loved it. Here’s more pics from the Cloisters!

Doesn’t it look like the last guy has underpants on his head???

To wrap up – my Spotify playlist song addition this week is My Girl (Gone, Gone, Gone) by some weirdo 70s band called Chilliwack. Oh yes, mama, I love this song!!!!

Thanks for reading this dumbness!!!! If anyone’s reading this and wants to be a contributor – call me!!! (Or Just e-mail me really. Much better…. not giving out my phone number….. jvolpi76@gmail.com!).


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