Beltline 5K in ATLANTA!

Hi hi hi hi hi hi!

I’m so excited to do my very first Atlanta Just-Me 5K! My dingus friend Clare lives here so I come down to visit about once a year and I’ve gotten to know bits and pieces of the city. Last time I was here, Clarence introduced me to the Beltline. It’s this giant biking/running path that I think is supposed to some day ring the whole city.

I ended up running a market to market 5k. I started at the giant Ponce Market and ran up to the Krog Market and then back. Each way is about a mile and a half. Both markets are pretty amazing. Loads of bakeries and bars and shops and more food things. And all sorts of shops and junk all along the way. And so much dang art and shit to look at while your on the paths! It’s probs one of my most favorite runs, y’all!

ALSO! I found this real real cute hotel just down the street from the Ponce Market – the Hotel Clermont. Holy shit – it is swank and super trendballs right now. It used to be an old gentleman’s club and the ladies would take their suitors up to bang the minutes away in the upstairs bang-rooms (which is now the hotel). Supposedly, one of the last ladies to do the business at the original Clermont Lounge was named Babs and she would crush PBR cans between her boobies. So – as a tribute – each guest gets a cold PBR when they check in. And that’s why my medal this week is the PBR Blue Ribbon. THANKS, BABS!

Lastly – my jam of the week is I Don’t Want It At All by KIM PETRAS! I had some shin splints and stretched them out at the Krog market. When it was time to get back on the Beltline to get back to the hotel, tho song popped on and it was such a fun little bop – made my splints feel like nuthin! So far – just three songs on the Just Me 5K Spotify list, but holy shit – that’s a solid start, y’all! What else should be on this playlist????

Hope y’all have a great week!

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