Shin Splints in Cleveland!

Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi!

Gorgeous morning for a run, y’all. My stud of a fiancé drove up with me to Cleveland this morning. He’s from here and is doing his twice-a-month check-in on his momma. And I thought this would be another fun easy run, so I tagged along.

Because it’s so close to the lake, Cleveland weather can be real real dicey, but we were surprised by how medium warmish and sunny it was today.

I mapped out this run to start and end at the Westside Market so I could get myself a K&K apple fritter afterwards. Here’s our dang map!

The path is through the Ohio City and then you bridge over to downtown and you shimmy past the old Higbee’s where they filmed part of A Christmas Story. Quick story – my mom used to work at the Parmatown Higbee’s and then told me about some other department store in New Hampshire that she worked at. I asked her if it’s called Wigbee’s – she was NOT AMUSED.

Then you run on another bridge and boop – you’re back where you started. Note – if you’re hanging around Ohio City, the Flying Fig has a great breakfast and the Town Hall and the Great Lakes Brewing are also pretty great. (Jimmy and I had our very first date at the Town Hall in 2015!). And the Masons Creamery is a few blocks away and they have the very best ice cream in the city. THE VERY BEST! Here are some more pics from the run….

Oh man – this was a ruff run 🐶🐶 (ruff!). Major shin splints after about a mile , way worse than any I’ve had ever so I had to walk/run the rest of the way back. I really wanted to give up, y’all but I stuck with it – really because I wanted one of those fritters. I’ve got two more just-me 5Ks coming up next week so I’ve got to figure out how to fix these shin splints before I head out. Any advice would be much appreciated!

god – I just reread this blog and it’s a real dog’s breakfast. I’m sorry, y’all! I’ll try harder on the next one!!!!

oh! I almost forgot to include my hot jam for the Spotify playlist! This week is the White Knuckles from OK GO. I just binged all of their videos and I’m sorry – but they’re all so cute and fun and I just really love them. Is that lame????

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