Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi!

Hi team!

So, this is my second official just-me race. Sadly, it’s not Mexico…. but, I can’t be traveling around every weekend – right???? And, I thought this would be a good chance to tell y’all a little about my hometown – COLUMBUS OHIO!!!!

Cbus is the technically the largest city in Ohio! Take that, MINGO JUNCTION. We have THE Ohio State University and Jeni’s Ice Cream HQ and my sister’s TWO movie theaters! (Studio 35 and the Grandview Cinema & Drafthouse).

There’s lots and lots of parks and bike/running paths here in the ‘Bus and I’m lucky enough to live super duper close to a great one. The Olentangy trail hugs the Olentangy River and connects Worthington to downtown. As I was planning my run, I saw that the Northstar Cafe was 4 miles away from my house via the trail. The Northstar has these ricotta pancakes that are out of this dang world – definitely worth a 4 mile run.

It was a little cold out today, but still lots of runners out on the trail and all so friendly. It’s mostly a flat run until you get to Henderson Rd and then a lil incline up to High Street. And, I’m obviously getting after those dang pancakes at the Northstar, but there’s a Jeni’s right next door if you want an ice cream instead (or in addition to).

Anyway – this is probably the first of lots of Columbus just-me runs, so GET USED TO THEM! Also – how do we feel about these fun winner pins? Wow, right????

Last thing! I’m going to start a Spotify playlist with the songs that help me get through these runs. The very first song on the list is JUICE, by LIZZO! I very much can relate to not just being a snacc, rather the whole damn meal. Yes, ma’am!

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