German Village Sunday Funday!

Wow! What a morning, y’all!

Rita and I had ourselves a little jog around the German Village neighborhood of Columbus. It was early enough that there wasn’t a lot of car traffic and it wasn’t super hot out. German Village has all these books and crannies. Lots to stop and look at. And the uneven brick streets and sidewalks make it impossible to go fast so you kind of spend a lot of time just checking shit out.

The crown jewel of GV is Schiller Park. It’s so cute and the houses that ring the park are frickin gorgeous. In fact the houses all over GV are so stinking cute. It’s pretty impossible to not have your pants charmed off wandering around this lil neighborhood. Look at this tiny lil doorway we found on one of the houses!!!! SHIT – SO CHARMING!

We started at Jaeger and Thurman and ran up to City Park and then over to 3rd, which is the main GV drag. Then we headed west on Sycamore to Front so we could see the Beer King.

Then back east on Beck past the Lindy’s. Feel free to stop off at the Lindy’s patio for a mimosa if you’re feeling parched.

The. You can jig and jag your way back down to Schiller Park on 5th or Jaeger or whatever…. it’s up to you! And then when you’re all done and back at the car, you absolutely MUST get yourself an egg sandwich at the Fox in the Snow. YOW! It’s the best dang egg sammie in the whole dang city!

So we’re sitting in the park enjoying our breakfasts and meeting all of the dogs. This is Annie….

….And we start talking about joy. JOY! Why don’t people fill their days with more joy??? It’s not hard to plan ahead to get a little more joy in your dumb life. Easy as pie! In fact, why not make a pie??? Pie = joy! Or why not run a Just me 5k??? JOY!!!!

Ok! That’s all I have! Hope y’all have a great week!!!

Oh – and this week’s playlist addition is Sad Sad City from Ghostland Observatory! JOY!!!!!!!!

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